Autismtown is a chapter in Crack life campaign mode that is after the Chapter The unknown.

entrance of the town

  • 2 people talking
  • a black scientist on drugs
  • entrance to mario park
  • mario bros world
  • shrek boss fight

Plot Edit

the level begins in a dark cave after getting out of there you will be in a city at night, the player will have to fight a bunch of Gopniks after doing it the player will get to autismtown where he will have to find 1 tnt to break into The bank and steal 1 cent to go the Mario park and after doing it he will appear in mario world where he will have to fight bunch of Mario zombies and English headcrabs after killing all the enemies he will have to keep going killing more enemies at the end he will find the boss battle who is no one more than SHREK.

after that he will go out of the mario park and will encounter in the office labs again and then the chapter will end.