Note: This page will only Talk  About When The Zombie Mod is in a Crack-Life Folder. This is a Half-life Mod that allows you to play as a Zombie.

Differentices Between The Normal Zombie and Crack-Life ZombieEdit

  • it uses the Sounds and Music From Crack-Life.
  • It Freezes up out of Nowhere at Times, However it is Recoverable by Alt-Tabing
  • the Scientist's Textures Glitch up if you view them From a Distance
  • if you go to the Console, You'll notice a lot of "ERROR: Can't load sprites (insert Item here)"

Differenices Between Crack-Life and Crack-Life: Zombie EditionEdit

  • You Play as a Zombie
  • You Can't interact With The "E" Button as Usual, Instead you use the Attack Button to do So.
  • The Scientists Can Shoot you, in The Original Game, They Can't.
  • It uses the Models From Half-Life.
  • If you Hold up and jump Press left, You'll Stay in the Air Longer

  • Continue Errors

Map c0a0e: The Security Guard is not there so you have no choice but to noclip out of the Tram.

  • Freeze Glitch (only tested in window view)

At Times the Game will Randomly Freeze, it can be fixed by Alt-Tabbing out, or occasionally, the only option is to click the close button then click Resume.

    • Constant Freeze

This is another Variant of the Freeze Glitch, where it freezes a lot, it is unknown how to fully get it to stop though.

  • "Only one Program at a Time"
Sometimes the game doesn't want to Open so it gives you a Error instead.