Fordon Greeman is the protagonist of This mod, he is simply Gordon Freeman, nuff said

Description Edit

He is 0 years old and he is a known rapist and ass doctor his postion is being the master rapist his is from soviet Russia, his clearence is none his sponsor is Unclassified and his responsabily in cause of a disaster its kill everyone which explain why everyone talks to him in a bad or ridiculous way.

he is bad known protagonist of Crack life and Campaign mode

Story Edit

In Crack life he goes to work in black meat as another normal day one his mates provocates a nazi invasion and making him to go and kill Hitler, after that he is offered a job with misterious man if he accepts he will escape from the cops, but if he doesnt accept the offert he will appear in a room full of FR Grunts while the song imma be is listened in the background and turning black and a message saying that Fordon has been raped by the Grunts and couldnt escape from the German autorities (its assumed that he take that choice since in Campaign mode he is seen in a prison).