Go Impulse 101 on their asses is the second Crack-Life chapter.

Impulso 101 en sus culos

the metal door opening

Description Edit

The chapter starts in the office of the first Half-Life with low visual changes but with big audiovisual changes.

The protagonist will proceed moving to the HEV suit that is replaced by a guard suit (from Blue Shift) and during this he will encounter with scientists and guards with rare shapes.

After that he will proceed to go to the chamber where he will see that the scientists on the charge of everything don't look like professionals.

Then before enter the chamber he will encounter 2 last scientists Nutsy and other unknown guy they will discuss about gay sex with Gordon and the unknown scientist will reveal Nutsy plan to destroy and conquest the world being interrupted by him.

Trivia Edit

  • The song at the start of the chapter is Dawaj na ring made by Pudzian Band.
  • The title of the chapter is a reference to a cheat from the half life game (impulse 101) that gives you all the weapons with this it tries to say that you should use the impulse 101 and kill everyone.
  • The original chapter name was Anomalous Materials
    • starting the chapter
    • talking with 3 screaming scientists
    • before enter the test chamber