Gopniks are enemies from crack life and crack life campaign mode


Description Edit

The Gopniks or "Chavs" are white skinny people with black Adidas clothes and have a Slick Scientist head and a purple eye which signifies how many bar fights they get into.

They are the zombie from the original half life with a notable major change in sounds and appearence, they are extremely fast and agile and have a very fast attack.

Arsenal Edit

Gopniks only have a Metal Baseball bat with all their versions and can't be picked up. The Baseball bat on the Normal Gopnik is slightly broken with the top of the bat's texture missing.

Ranks Edit

  1. Normal Gopnik: Normal size, fast movement, fast attack, and speaks Russian.
  2. Super Gopnik: Slightly larger size, they have larger muscles and are slightly hunched over, They are twice as hard to kill than the Normal Gopnik, and hit harder too, they have the same attack speed but slightly slower run speed.
  3. Mega Gopnik: The Largest and most dangerous Gopnik of them all, he wields no baseball bat and bashed everything with his bare hands, he is extremely hard to kill and only appears once as a boss battle in Crack-Life: Campaign Mode.

Trivia Edit

  • It's unknown why they attacked Black Meat or how they get there.
  • They are based on real-life Gopniks who listen to Hardbass and wear Adidas clothing and often squat and drink vodka, a lot are real Russians, Ukrainians, etc. while some are outsiders who follow the bandwagon, deserting their own culture for another.
  • There are 3 ranks of Gopniks the normal one and the other 2 seen in campaign mode.
  • They are often seen in bars, slav stores, and listening to Skrillex and Hardbass, most of this is seen in Autism Town.