the illuminati ship is a boss and enemy in Crack life campaign mode


Description Edit

it seems to like the alien ship where enemies like FR Grunts, FF Controllers and Disco Vorts come from.

a song that sounds to be like an illuminati remix song is meant to be but its not explained why since the ship doesnt look like a triangle or something similar.

Appearence Edit

the ship is made from Xen (or nazi germany in crack life) textures and seems moving in varius moments of the campaign but its finally destroyed in his boss battle

Arsenal Edit

no arsenal from this ship is seen more than spawning enemies like FR grunts and DYSD Snarks.

Trivia Edit

  • there is no reason from calling it illuminati more than the song that is played in the fight
  • even after killing it the FR Grunts FF Controllers and Disco Vorts will be seen meaning that they could have survive or that there are more than just one
  • its seen in moments before his battle but no in a fight