Nutsy is Crack life first antagonist encountered in all the history


Description Edit

Not much is known about him and he only appears in the Go impulse 101 on their asses chapter and in the start of them nazis invade us.

he is a white hair and big mustache scientist it is known that he had a plan for destroying the world and that is revealed by an unknown name scientist who was discusing with him and talk about it being interrupted by Nutsy.

he has got a deep voice and tries and achieves to trick the scientists to make his evil plan of destroying the world and killing everyone.

he is last seen with a black scientist complaining about his injuries and repenting of what he did.

he is never seen again in the crack life or crack life campaign mode so its assumed that he died or left the place in some way.

Trivia Edit

  • he is the first character with voice actor seen and the one with more quotes.
  • he is the first antagonist seen in the whole game the second one being nihilanth Hitler.
  • he seems to be a little more intelligent than the other scientists.
  • his voice is heared in the portal before enter to fight hitler