Office Nigas is the 4rd chapter of Crack life based on the chapter Office complex


Plot Edit

the level starts in the elevator in what seems to be the offices of working where 2 scientists can be found Fordon will have to go and deactivate the power to pass trough an electric cut he will then get The shotgun and will get to a room full of nazi water he will continue and will find trough the vents a rebel security turret that will kill the scientists and headcrabs.

after that he will get to a room full of nazis preparing to kill the player with their railguns, after exterminating the nazis Fordon will find another rebel security turret, some gopniks and some other nazis he will get then to a fridge place after killing a waves of gopniks.

then the protagonist will get to an elevator and will have to parkour up and complete the chapter by getting to an elevator and then he will start the next chapter.
  • entering the offices
  • getting to the rest area
  • the rebel turret place
  • entering nazi terroritory
  • fighting nazis
  • entering the giant Fridge
  • killing a bullschicken
  • killing another bullschicken
  • in the vents
  • close to the end
  • the ladder of the elevator and the end of the level