the scientists are an ally faction encountered in Crack life and Crack life campaign mode


Description Edit

scientists are completily harmless and cant attack the player, they appear first in the chapter Go impulse 101 on their asses and only screaming.

they wear black clothes and they are jews reason of why the nazis invade black meat

there are four types of scientists.

Arsenal Edit

even though they are harmless and dont have any kind of fire or meele weapon they can kill the player if


they offer him medicine that will instantly kill him.

Ranks Edit

even though there arent any kind of ranks they are all the same but with different skins.

  1. glasses: this scientist wears giant glasses with nothing else changed
  2. black guy: this one has got a giant afro in his head
  3. mustache scientist: this one has got a giant mustache in his face
  4. normal one: this one has got a face similar to the Gopniks

Trivia Edit

  • there are two special scientists Nutsy and another one without clear name in the Campaign mode.