actually we are not paying you anything we are just gonna shoot you- first soviet line

The Soviets is an enemy faction in Crack life and Crack life campaign mode


soviets telling Fordon that they can see him

Description Edit

They are the main antagonists in Crack-Life Campaign Mode, They are first seen attacking Black Meat for a "Very Powerful Chemical" the scientists created rather than paying for it.

They appear all over Black Meat, and other places too, and are seen invading Black Meat, putting their Soviet Flags all over the place and claiming land, They are enemies of Black Meat and HoH SiS.

Arsenal Edit

MP5: their most common weapon they dont have the same power than your MP5

Shotgun: They rarely are seen with this weapon, but these are powerful units.

Pepsi nades: They throw grenades made from Pepsi and Mentos, however their MP5 Grenades are not pepsi nades.

Appearance Edit

They have the same appearance for every head, The Sarge head from Quake.

the rest of the skin is just the original grunt from Half-Life

Trivia Edit

  • They all have Text to Speech voices, most are taunts against Fordon Greeman.
  • They are one of the most seen enemies in Crack-Life Campaign Mode