The Guard is an ally encountered in crack life campaign mode.


the first encounter with him

he has got his own voice and its the first ally encountered.

Description Edit

he is the first person an ally encountered in the whole game. he decides to help Fordon.

its unknown why he helps you or who is he but if he decided to stop you and not let you go the whole game will not have an history or even entertainment.

he looks like any other guard in the whole crack life game, and he says he will killhimself and he decided to do some shit and fuck the world before doing it, anyway he is seen again later in the game where he helps you after recognize you giving you ammo and new weapons, a way of preparing for a boss battle.

he is last seen in the ending for a few seconds.


  • his name is unknown
  • he doesnt have an own skin he looks like any other guard
  • he is the only ally or enemy to dont die in the whole game